O Thou who Camest from Above

Wonderful matching chasubles for ‘Christ the King’, providing a sense of occasion. The service was led by a visiting priest from a neighbouring parish, who does things so beautifully almost like our own and yet in significant ways quite differently, keeping us all on our toes. ‘O thou who camest from above’ (Stopford) was a relevant, rarely-performed (by us at least) anthem – it is lovely to hear the men singing on their own at the beginning. The sorry result of ‘NO’ to women bishops was mentioned twice in prayers, but otherwise not referred to – a good and wise balance I think.

Evensong was ably led by two of our female readers, but it was hard work for the choir as we have had little time recently to rehearse for a Festival Evensong. Still, Wood in D, the Smith responses and ‘Lift up your heads’ (Mathias) must have gone well enough, as we had another enquiry from a prospective choir member (Tenor) at the end of the service. Which is wonderful, but we could also do with a line of prospective sopranos beating a path to the door….

2 thoughts on “O Thou who Camest from Above

  1. We have lots of tenors and basses (but never say no to more) – it’s the sopranos, and trebles, that we’re short of. Perhaps it’s something to do with being near the Cornish border, where be lots of male voice choirs?

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