Staying the course

As usual, Midnight Mass is a very special service in the Church’s year. Well-fortified by sweets and tray-bakes, supplied by various choir members, we managed to stay awake long enough to sing the Sweeney version of ‘Silent Night’ (albeit with a dearth of first altos). Even the vicar managed to finish the administration of the Eucharist in time to join in, which is no mean feat at the crowded midnight service.

Christmas morning saw a well-attended church with mixed-age congregation, but some of the choir (mostly sopranos) didn’t quite have the stamina to come back for an early morning start. Fortunately, two of our occasional visiting choristers were home for Christmas and swelled the soprano ranks to five. ‘Ding Dong Merrily on High’ was therefore sung in more subdued fashion than in the previous week, but was effective nonetheless. It was rather lovely to receive grateful applause at the end of the service for all our efforts this busy season. We directed the applause towards our organist and choir master who has had to oversee the music at many more services than the ones in which we were involved.