Kings 3, Sops 2 1/2

Low numbers at Epiphany Services today: post-Christmas breaks and illnesses, obviously taking their toll. As usual, the sopranos were especially badly hit, we need to beef them up a bit. 2 1/2 sopranos (one with a recovering ‘lost’ voice) bravely sang Mozart’s ‘Ave Verum’ with the rest of us singing quietly in order not to overwhelm them. It actually sounded rather good like that. The three kings were placed in the stable to worship the non-existent baby Jesus, they obviously had to use their imagination.

During the pre-service rehearsal, John Rutter’s ‘Gaelic Blessing’ sounded decidedly dodgy – fortunately one of the basses decided to conduct us in the absence of our choir master, meaning that in the end it really did sound like Deep Peace and not a raging tornado. Phew!