Peace and Perspective

Having decided to give up choir for Lent (at least), and see what life looks like from the other side of the choir stalls for a change, it was rather appropriate that the first service was a quiet evening Eucharist with Ashing, at which only a small choir usually attends. It was a good choice, with some beautiful organ music before the service started, The Mass of St. Thomas, which I know best (although I had to work hard to hear and sing the tune rather than the alto line) and a gentle unison choir-only Gospel Acclamation, sung calmly and clearly by the small choir of six. I can see that I could get rather used to listening rather than singing. But the highlight was at the end of the service, when – as a member of the congregation – I was able to stay quietly in my pew and listen to the whole of the organ voluntary, rather than having to process out to the choir vestry after only a few bars. It always seemed strange to me that those who were supposed to be most musical were the very ones who weren’t there to hear the music!