Listen and Learn

For the first time ever, on Friday, I had the pleasurable opportunity to hear my own choir having a full rehearsal. You learn so much from that experience, perhaps it should be compulsory for all choristers? It was a joyful occasion because, at the end of the evening, we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of two of our choir members, an alto and a bass, with a small party at our usual choir watering hole.
Sunday took us to Llandaff Cathedral again, home church of our son and his family. Their small parish choir sang ‘Locus Iste’ (Bruckner) beautifully as we went up to take communion. Llandaff produce the most incredibly varied child-centred snacks after their morning services, you never quite know what you are going to get. This Sunday, with after-service coffee, there was the opportunity to sample the delights of pineapple and banana pieces on sticks and toasted fruit bread. Of course, there were also biscuits if you wanted to be really boring.