Happy Birthday – 10 Years Old

Happy Birthday to my Blog which is now 10 years old! I have been blogging about my church and choir almost every week over these last 10 years – 10 of the best years we’ve had. I cannot imagine it ever being better than it has been during that time, so have decided to stop producing regular weekly blogs and let this 10 year slice of church and choir life pass into the archives of the Internet as a time capsule of what it was like to sing in a church choir in Creamtealand, in the early years of the 21st Century. Maybe one day, some future reader will marvel at what used to happen at my church and feel nostalgic, or laugh their head off, or shake their head with disbelief, depending on how culture dictates. Meanwhile, I will still be active on Twitter @Chorister9 if anyone wishes to follow me. To the future!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – 10 Years Old

  1. Happy Birthday,

    I shall miss you, but sounds like a good time to stop. Prudently, I am already following you on Twitter!

  2. Enjoyed reading you, even if I don’t understand choir stuff. Will switch channel to Twitter

  3. Rather belatedly from me: a sad loss but so much enjoyment over the past 10 years. I’ve loved reading about the antics of your choir and church services. And I agree that your blog should be awarded listed status!

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